• ISBN 978-2-36-836-101-6
  • Langue anglais
  • 6 ans40 pages
  • Date de parution 11/05/2016
  • Prix 14.00€


Back in America

Bacon Brothers

A funny off-the-wall version of the Three Little Pigs...
Twenty years have passed since The Bacon Brothers’ worldwide success. Each member of the legendary rock band is now leading a quiet life in separate locations… until the day one of their old songs reappears on the Internet. Wolfie, their agent, decides to get the band back together on the road. Destination: the USA for a fantastic tour!
From New York to the Grand Canyon, via Nashville and San Francisco, follow the Bacon Brothers on this fun trip full of surprises!

Also available in French.

Listen to the official song of the Bacon Brothers here.

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